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Tips for Getting a Medical Card in Missouri

Mar 19

Getting a medical card in Missouri can be a complex and confusing process. You may have seen stories or heard rumors of the great benefits of having one of these cards, but it might seem intimidating if you've never gone through the process. But don't worry. By understanding your rights as a patient, learning more about the state's laws surrounding medical treatment and cannabis use, and staying organized while completing all required forms, you'll soon find that getting approved for your medical card is easier than you think. 

Understanding the Basics

Before diving into the tips, let's review the basics of Missouri's medical marijuana program. The state began issuing medical marijuana cards in 2019, and patients with qualifying conditions can legally purchase and possess medical marijuana. To qualify, patients must have a qualifying medical condition such as cancer, epilepsy, glaucoma, intractable migraines, or chronic medical conditions that cause severe, persistent pain or muscle spasms. Additionally, patients must be 18 years or older, a resident of Missouri, and have a recommendation from a licensed physician.

Tips for Getting a Medical Card in Missouri

Here are some tips:

  • Make Sure You Have a Qualifying Condition

Knowing whether or not you have a qualifying medical condition for a medical card in Missouri is important. To check, the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services website has the definitive list. Whether it's cancer, HIV/AIDS, chronic conditions like neurological disorders or muscular dystrophy, and more – if you need a medical card, you'll want to make sure you have an official qualifying condition so that you can get the help and treatment you deserve.

  • Find a Doctor Who Is Willing to Recommend Medical Marijuana

To get started, you'll need to research doctors in your area. Look at online reviews and ask around your local area to see who is familiar with medical marijuana. Once you've narrowed your choices, consult with the doctor beforehand. You want to make sure that this physician makes you feel comfortable and is willing to answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding medical marijuana. Choosing the right doctor is important as it can affect your treatment's success.

  • Gather Your Medical Records

Gather all your medical records in one place to provide your doctor with a complete picture of your medical history. This includes X-rays, lab results, or any other pertinent information to help them make the best decision for you. If your records aren’t up-to-date, you may need to schedule an appointment with your primary care physician before you talk with the doctor recommending medical marijuana. Doing this vital step upfront will mean better results down the road.

  • Schedule an Appointment with a Medical Marijuana Doctor

Ready to get a medical marijuana recommendation? Before you book your appointment with the doctor, make sure to collect your medical records. That way, when it comes time for your meeting, you'll have all the info your doc needs to help. During the appointment, they will take a look at your record and decide if you meet the requirements for medical marijuana use. If you do, the doctor will provide their recommendations - that means it's just one step closer to using cannabis as part of your treatment plan.

  • Apply for Your Medical Marijuana Card

Wondering how to get your medical marijuana card? It's easier than you think. All it takes is a few clicks. After getting that doctor's recommendation, head online to the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services website. Submitting your application is simple and straightforward—just provide some personal information, a copy of your medical records, and a recommendation from the doctor. Before you know it, your card will be approved and ready for use at licensed dispensaries in Missouri.

  • Pay the Application Fee

Ready to take the next step and complete your application? All you need to do is pay the appropriate fee. For patients, it's just $25, while caregivers need to shell out a bit more at $100. Don't worry, though – you can take care of the cost online using a credit or debit card for your convenience. So go ahead and put in your payment details to finish up.

  • Wait for Your Card to Arrive

If you want to reap the many medical benefits of marijuana, applying for a medical marijuana card is an important step. Although it can cost you time and money, it is well worth it for long-term access to the absolute best in marijuana-based products. After everything is submitted and the fee paid, all left to do is wait, usually 30 days, but possibly longer on busier periods. Hang tight and use the time by researching different dispensaries near you.

  • Visit a Dispensary

Visiting a dispensary is the only way to get your hands on medical marijuana. Ensure you know the cost and what you're looking for since some dispensaries offer more options than others. Do your research before visiting a dispensary to find the best selection of high-quality products at fair prices. It's an exciting experience when you get to purchase legal access to something previously only available through the black market - be sure to take advantage of it.

  • Follow the Law

Following the law when using medical marijuana ensures you stay out of trouble and on the right side of the law, saving you costs and headaches down the road. Knowing what is legal in your region will help you make informed decisions that could cost much more if ignored. Always be mindful of nearby regulations and restrictions when using medical marijuana so that you, your property, and your wallet remain safe.

  • Renew Your Card

Renewing your medical marijuana card in Missouri is straightforward. But don't wait until the last minute! Set a reminder on your calendar 30 days before your card expires so you have plenty of time to go through the renewal process. With updated medical records and the applicable fee, you can enjoy the full legal benefits of having a medical marijuana card without interruption. Don't let those sweet herb treats slip away - get your renewal sorted out in plenty of time.


All in all, getting a medical card in Missouri isn't an overly complicated process, but it has nuances that you should be aware of. Take your time to research to ensure you’re getting the card from an approved provider and are eligible for one, as well as thoroughly understand the use regulations. These extra steps can ensure you can get the most out of your medical marijuana experience with peace of mind. We hope this blog post gave you insights into what is necessary when seeking a medical marijuana license in Missouri. With enough patience, knowledge and care, anyone can become a licensed patient and enjoy all the benefits of being legally licensed to use medical cannabis.