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How to Determine Premium Marijuana: 5 Key Characteristics

Jan 17

Both high-quality and low-quality marijuana are entirely distinct. Producing cannabis from genetically sound strains that have been meticulously harvested and trimmed is optimal. However, there is no exact science for locating it, and even experts may have difficulty identifying the differences.

You can discover hints by inhaling the bud, evaluating its form and appearance, and feeling it with your fingertips. Here are some tips for distinguishing between high-quality cannabis flower and inferior "shwag."

Its Smell Is Distinctive

The terpene profile of each cannabis strain will influence the aromas of high-quality cannabis. However, premium marijuana typically has a rich, sweet, floral aroma that is very fresh.

A quality cannabis flower should have a distinct aroma that distinguishes it as marijuana. Additionally, it will be difficult to conceal the pungent odor of premium, or "dank," marijuana in your pocket, even if you are trying to be inconspicuous.

Trichomes Are Numerous In It

Trichomes are the tiny, crystal-like hairs that coat the surface of a healthy bud. They contain the chemical compounds responsible for cannabis' strong effects, aroma, and flavor. They resemble beautiful white mushrooms when viewed via a microscope.

A high number of trichomes does not guarantee that the cannabis will produce the intended effects. However, cannabis of the highest quality will always have a prominent, dense, and frosty trichome coating.

Its Colors Are Eye-Catching

The hues of a cannabis flower indicate a great deal about its significance. All strains should be a vibrant, healthy green color when grown properly. However, you cannot avoid the variety of colors seen in excellent buds.

Typically, the most desired cannabis is dark green with hairs that can be orange, red, deep purple, or blue. Even the buds themselves may be blue or purple in color.

It Feels Sticky and Spongy

Due to the presence of trichomes, premium marijuana should have a little sticky yet dry texture. The bud should feel somewhat spongy but not mushy when gently squeezed between the fingertips.

If your flower is moist or squishy, it is more likely to contain mold or mildew. The stems and buds should be straightforward to disentangle. On the other side, cannabis that is completely dry, crumbly, or hard may have a poor taste.

Flower Should Be Dense Yet Puffy 

High-quality cannabis often has dense, fluffy buds that are weighty and chunky. In addition, each nug must be meticulously trimmed to prevent the loss of trichomes and to preserve the original shape of the bud.

However, more and more organizations are employing trimming machines to expedite product turnover. Nonetheless, handling a cannabis flower is required. A quality bud will have little fan leaves and an abundance of undamaged chunky floral material, trichomes, and hairs.

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