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A Detailed List of Items to Put in Your Stash Bag

Jan 17

A stash bag is an essential component for every cannabis enthusiast. Keep your cannabis accessories and paraphernalia in a single spot so that you can immediately access them when necessary. But what makes a cannabis stash bag distinct from other types of stash bags? In this blog post, we'll discuss the criteria for the perfect stash bag.

The Bag

There is no design of a stash bag that works for everyone. It depends on what best suits your needs, lifestyle, and cannabis consumption patterns. The purchase of a bag that can hold all smoking-related equipment imaginable but that you don't want to take around will not be particularly advantageous.

Consequently, there are numerous aspects to consider. What cannabis-related accessories are you planning to bring? How large a storage bag are you willing to carry? The answers to the above questions will assist you in finding the best stash bag for your needs.

Numerous individuals utilize bags specifically made to carry pot and cannabis accessories. Many of these bags are also odor-resistant. Although odor-proof bags are desirable, they are not needed. You can transport odorous goods in a smaller, airtight container that fits within your luggage.

Keep in mind that the efficiency of your stash bag depends on the size and material of the bag you choose. It will surely affect the number of the following accessories you can take.

Smoking Equipment

Of course, which ones you include will mostly depend on your chosen consumption techniques. If you're the type of marijuana consumer that loves to be prepared for anything, your stash bag might be a rolling suitcase, and you only need one of everything.


Since time immemorial, the pipe has been the primary means of carrying marijuana. Even if you prefer joints or a bong, it is prudent to keep a pipe on available in the event that your preferred smoking device malfunctions or if you need to smoke cannabis immediately.

The most acceptable materials for a cache bag are metal pipes. They are both durable and compact enough to fit in your bag without taking up too much room. Many even include covers, allowing you to conceal a bud and be ready to smoke it at any moment.

Rolled Cigarettes

Another option for smoking is the common joint, sometimes known as a marijuana cigarette. If you wish to smoke doob, you must have rolling papers on hand unless you have pre-rolled cigarettes. Joints are excellent for discreetly smoking weed on the road.

Rolling papers are simple and take up minimal space in any type of concealed carry pouch. They typically come in small packs, allowing you to easily store a handful in the bottom of your cannabis container and have a few ready to roll whenever the mood strikes. Because they are so portable and you never know when you might need them, rolling papers are perhaps the smoking item most commonly seen in stash bags.

If you have not previously, it is worthwhile to learn how to roll a joint. You never know when the opportunity will present itself, so having the ability to quickly roll a cigarette can save you from finding yourself in an awkward situation where your only smoking option is the tobacco in your suitcase.


Depending on how much marijuana you like to smoke, it may be worthwhile to keep a high-quality piece of glass in your backpack for those times when you find yourself in a situation where you have no other option. The majority of bongs are too big to fit in a stash bag.

Be sure to acquire a fashionable travel case if you're interested in this. Even a padded bag with room for your bong and accessories is preferable to nothing.

Dab Rig

A dab setup is bulky and not something you would typically carry with you, not even in a stash bag, in comparison to a bong. If this is your preferred method of consuming marijuana concentrates, it may be essential to carry a portable smoking device.

A number of dab rigs are portable and simple enough to fit in a stash bag. You should undertake research to ensure that the smoking accessories you choose will easily fit within a tiny container and won't take up an excessive amount of room.

Several larger stash bags are available that are designed specifically for transporting dab rigs or bongs, if having one on hand is essential. If that's how you operate, that may be the wisest line of action.

Helpful Additions to the Task

If you want your stash bag to be a functioning piece of carry-on luggage, you'll also need to include a few additional necessities. We will now examine a couple of them:


A grinder is a must for cannabis consumers who wish to always have a supply of marijuana on hand. Numerous folks use a grinder regularly throughout the day, making it straightforward to maintain a supply.

Ideal would be to toss a tiny herb grinder in the bottom of your stash bag with some marijuana still inside and ready to smoke when you need it. Typically measuring no more than two inches in height or width, these items can readily fit within smaller bags.

If you want to ground your ingredients prior to smoking, carrying a herb grinder in your stash bag could be really beneficial. Whether you choose to carry a manual or electric grinder will determine the amount of space necessary.

Rolling Tray

Although not required, a rolling tray makes the process of making doobs somewhat easier. Some rolling trays offer a compartment for storing your marijuana to make it easier for you to gather everything you need before commencing the rolling process.

Because of its portability and small size, a stash bag is a fantastic option, but if there is room in it, a tray will make your life much more convenient.


In whatever case, it is usually prudent to have at least one lighter on hand. You will probably need a torch that can light more than just cigarette-sized joints, so a double-sided or triple-flame torch is your best bet for getting the job done quickly.

In terms of quality and longevity, lighters are a case of you get what you pay for, so choose one that will last a while.

Resistant to Odors

Whether or not your stash bag is completely odor-proof, you must have something to conceal the stink of the sticky-icky.

If you intend to transport marijuana, you should most likely utilize an odor-proof container. We adore Stink Sacks because of this. These bags remove the need for huge containers by containing one or two distinct cannabis strains. Your mother did not use these bags to store food in the freezer; rather, she used the tiny plastic baggies. There are numerous sizes, colors, and styles available. In addition, the bags are impermeable to odors, so when they are taken outside, the stench of marijuana remains contained.

Marijuana Accessories for Use After Smoking

After a meal, you may choose to keep a few items in your backpack to make things easier.

Doob Tube

They imitate the tiny plastic tubes seen in a child's science set and are ideal for holding a pre-roll or a joint that has not yet been completely smoked. These attachments, which are more commonly referred to as "tubes" but are also known as "doob tubes," are great for storing goods that you don't want to permeate the entire room with odor. They come in a variety of sizes and even accommodate papers if you want to always carry pre-rolled joints with you.


Do not disturb Cottonmouth! essentially. If you have not used chapstick to prevent cottonmouth, you should consider doing so. Some marijuana smokers report that applying chapstick will prevent their lips from becoming dry and chapped after smoking, which would otherwise occur due to the dehydrating effects of THC.

Water in a Bottle

Water is a natural preventive against cottonmouths. In addition to preventing cottonmouth, keeping a bottle of water close by can keep you hydrated if/when smoking becomes more intense than expected.


Consume some snacks to prevent hunger pangs. Whether you choose to resist your desires or give in to them may depend on whether you have access to nuts, granola bars, or other little foods.

When there aren't many health risks linked with marijuana use per se, consuming an excessive amount of junk food while high can be harmful to your health.

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