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Utilian 5 Wax Pen Review 2022

Feb 14

The Utillian 5 is an absolute beast of a wax pen! It’s the flagship wax pen in Utillian’s range of vaporizers and it’s designed with heavy dabs in mind. This thing produces thick foggy clouds and hits like a steam-train!

Featuring a whopping 1050 mAh battery, the Utillian 5 vapes for days without needing a recharge. The simple to use design also makes it perfect for beginners and experts alike!

The Utillian 5 was actually the first wax pen vaporizer made by Utillian. They’ve since released the Utillian 2 which I reviewed earlier this year and absolutely loved! Utillian always do a great job of producing well designed quality vaporizers and their flagship wax pen certainly looks to deliver the same great performance.

Features & Specification

  • Compatible with Extracts and Wax Concentrates.
  • Internal 1050 mAh Battery.
  • Oven Capacity – 0.3 grams.
  • Micro USB Charging.
  • 510 Threading.
  • Adjustable Airflow.
  • 4 Temperature Options – 2.2V | 2.4V | 2.6V | 2.8V.
  • 2 Atomizer Options – Dual Twisted Kanthal Coil & Triple Titanium Coil.
  • Stainless Steel Mouthpiece.
  • Mouthpiece Splash Guard.
  • Heat Up Time – 10 Seconds.
  • Button Activated.
  • Automatic Shut-Off Feature.
  • Available Colors: Black | Gunmetal | Titanium Gold.
  • Weight – 138g.
  • Dimensions – 127 mm (H) X 22 mm (D).
  • 1 Year Warranty.
  • Utillian 5 | Design & Build Quality

    The Utillian 5 measures in at a fairly sizable 127 mm from top to bottom and 22 mm in diameter. It also weighs a hefty 138g making it one of the bulkier wax pens I’ve tried.

  • It’s made with stainless steel and there’s no plastic or glass components at all. Overall the metal design and the larger than usual size and weight make the Utillian 5 an incredibly robust and reliable vaporizer.

    Despite the size and weight, it doesn’t feel too bulky or cumbersome. It fits in a pocket easily and it’s super comfortable to hold. It’s a shame there’s no carry case included but the Utillian 5 is certainly sturdy enough to withstand a few knocks.

    It comes with a stylish matte finish available in either black, gunmetal or titanium gold. I opted for the black version and absolutely loved the design. It closely resembles a regular tube mod and dripper making it perfect for discreet and stealthy on the go hits.

Ease of Use

One of my favourite things about the Utillian 5 is the simple design and operation. It’s a button operated device with five clicks of the button turning the device on.

Two clicks of the firing button cycles through the 4 available temperature options and another five clicks turns the device off. When you want to vape your loaded concentrate you simply hold down the firing button.

Loading the concentrates in the oven is also a cinch with the top cap and mouthpiece fitting on the atomizer with a push fit. When you want to get to the oven and coil you simply slide the top cap off.

Because the Utillian 5 is 22 mm in diameter the oven and coils are also larger than you usually find with a wax pen for extracts and concentrates. This makes it super convenient for quickly loading the oven and getting to the coil for cleaning and maintenance.

Temperature Range

In total there are 4 temperature options for the Utillian 5. You can select either 2.2V, 2.4V, 2.6V or 2.8V. Considering the Utillian 5 only costs $69.99 the range of temperatures is brilliant and really let’s you tailor the session to suit your tastes.

While the 2.2V and 2.4V options are perfect for those looking for more flavor from their concentrates, the 2.6V and 2.8V options are ideal for cloud chasers and those looking for seriously head spinning hits!

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